Pure Synergy Vita•Min•Herb® For Men (120 count)

Pure Synergy Vita•Min•Herb® For Men (120 count)
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Vita•Min•Herb® For Men

Now in an updated, convenient 4-tablet formula!

Twenty years ago, The Synergy Company started down a long, winding road to create the first ever organic, whole food multi-vitamin. They succeeded— Vita•Min•Herb® (originally called Vita Synergy®) was born.

Over the years, with their ongoing commitment to research, Vita•Min•Herb naturally evolved: with more certified organic ingredients, the development of our SuperPure™ ultra-concentrated herbal extracts, their exclusive dual fermenting process for enhanced nutrient bioavailability, and the industry’s first ever organic vegetable tablet coating.

Now, 20 years later, we’re very pleased to share with you their most updated Vita•Min•Herb in its new, convenient 4-a-day version. With its complete, balanced organic, whole food vitamins and minerals, and its abundance of ultra-concentrated SuperPure extracts, Vita•Min•Herb is the ultimate all-in-one formula for your optimal health and well-being.

Key Features of the Formula

• Jam-packed with over 55 organic whole food vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, flowers and spices in every tablet

• Features the industry’s first ever certified organic vegetable tablet coating

• 100% of the herbal extracts are made with our organic SuperPure, ultra-concentration process

• Utilizes our advanced dual fermentation process to “organically grow” our whole food nutrients for optimal bioavailability

• Enhanced concentrations of vitamin K2, full spectrum Vitamin E Tocotrienols, Turmeric Extract, Hawthorne Berry Extract, and more

• More convenient than ever – just two tablets twice daily is the new optimal serving size (in a new 120-count bottle size that replaces the 180 and 90-count bottles)

• The new 120-count bottles (a full one-month supply).

Vita•Min•Herb in its new 4-a-day version continues to be unsurpassed in the industry when it comes to a comprehensive, organic whole food multi-vitamin. No other company comes close in terms of quality, value, purity, completeness, and, of course, SYNERGY!

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