Healing Honey-Active Manuka (12 oz.)

Healing Honey-Active Manuka (12 oz.)
Item# 2101hh10w

Healing Honey-Active Manuka 12 ounces, now in a new pleasantly round jar. New photo coming soon.

From the pristine nature preserves of New Zealand comes a honey so utterly delicious, so beneficial in its health properties ? it is classified as a Therapeutic Good in Australia. Soothing, Scrumptous and Restorative Whether you treat yourself daily with a spoonful of our delectable honey on your toast, in your tea, or right off the spoon, you can be sure that the highly researched and powerful immune supporting properties of Healing Honey are in every portion. Healing Honey with its fully certified Manuka 15+ activity is truly one of nature?s nectars with special immune supporting properties that it alone possesses. No other honey has these special properties. In fact, less than 1% of all manuka honey contains this extremely rare, 15+ activity that is scientifically proven to have immune supporting and protective properties. How wonderful to have a treat like Healing Honey that the whole family can both enjoy and benefit from at the same time! Healing Honey is completely unique because: It?s hand-harvested in New Zealand. Our honeybees live in pristine nature preserves, where we meticulously process our Healing Honey exclusively by hand to ensure all of its natural goodness is protected. It?s 100% organic and raw. Healing Honey was the first ever certified organic Active 15+ Manuka Honey in the world, and it is raw (never heated), thereby preserving its unique health supporting natural enzymes. It?s potent and pure. Healing Honey is scientifically tested and verified to have all of its beneficial active 15+ Manuka factor. We also test each batch to ensure it is absolutely pure by certifying that it?s free of more than 160 chemical residues. It?s indescribably delicious. Healing Honey?s delightful flavor and natural sweetness enhance any food, beverage or treat. Benefits of Healing Honey While you delight in its exquisite flavor on toast, in your tea, or straight from the jar, Healing Honey: Offers a delicious and healthy substitute for sugary sweets Helps enhance your body?s immune response Soothes indigestion and other digestive discomforts Promotes healthy probiotics in your gastrointestinal tract Contains a number of free radical busting antioxidants that support your health Boosts your energy and endurance naturally Can, according to research, be beneficial and protective for topical burns, wounds, and skin care Provides soothing comfort for sore throats and coughs

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